Submission Guidelines

The Africa Security Lab (ASL) is a blog that tackles questions on the most critical issues related to political violence across Sub-Saharan Africa. The ASL welcomes unsolicited submissions of the following kind: commentaries/opinion pieces, research papers, briefs/memos, and book reviews. The ASL will only consider submissions whose topics focus on questions of political violence on the African continent. Prospective contributors should familiarize themselves with the publications on the ASL website to acquire deeper context on the topics of interest to the blog.


Submissions should follow the formatting guidelines:

Length (Endnotes are not included in word count)

  • Commentaries/Opinion Pieces (800-1000 words) (Abstract – 150-200 words)
  • Research Papers (1,500-2,000 words) (Abstract – 150-200 words)
  • Briefs or Memos (800-100 words) (Bluff – 150-200 words)

  • Literature Reviews (600-800 words)
Font and Spacing
  • Size 12 Book Antiqua
  • Line Spacing 1.5


Citation Style
  • Chicago Manual Style
    • Endnotes
    • Any intext citations must have a hyperlink


All submissions should be accompanied with the author(s)’ contact information, as well as the author(s)’ relevant experience. We aim to only publish submissions by authors with practical and/or academic experience on political violence issues on the continent. This includes, but is not limited to, military, law enforcement, and career government officials, as well as academics, journalists, and consultants operating with NGOs.  Field experience working or conducting research across the continent is particularly valued. We believe that these types of experiences provide the most reliable knowledge base from which our readers can benefit.


However, these are not the only voices we choose to consider. As part of our “SPOTLIGHT” and “RAW COMMENTARY” series, we shine a light on the voices of college/university students, as well as active field observes (everyday men and women) based in towns and cities across the continent.  For us, these voices provide a fresh, unadulterated glimpse into the thoughts and ideas of those who live in areas of conflict or prolonged violence.


Lastly, the ASL will assume that all submissions are offered exclusively and have not been submitted elsewhere.

Kindly send all submissions to