How Madagascar beats Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, and France to Internet Speed.


Due in part to a 10,000km undersea fiber optic cable that stretches from Sudan to South Africa, Madagascar is leading Africa’s broadband internet speed at 25 megabits per second.

As stated by the broadband speed league table from UK analytics firm Cable, data from 200 countries reveal that at almost 25 megabits per second, Madagascar’s broadband speed is more than twice the global average; placing the impoverished African nation 22nd in the world, outpacing Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, and France its former colonial master.

Unfortunately, Madagascar’s internet boom is not without challenges. The former French colony with its extreme poverty rate would have to grapple with the stability of its internet connectivity. Moreover, electricity shortages further compound problems of stability and connectivity. Just 13% of its 25 million population has access to electricity. Also, only 2.1% of the population has access to the internet.

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