About Africa Security Lab

At a time when Africa is inching towards positive change, the continent’s porous borders are playing host to some of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations, transnational criminal networks and an expanding array of foreign military actors. Efforts to maintain a firm grasp of the evolving violence and security landscape can prove difficult. The Africa Security Lab blog takes on this challenge by providing a platform that tackles questions on the most critical issues related to political violence across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Created in 2018 by emerging scholars and African security specialists, ASL’s goal is to provide analysis, policy recommendations and shed some much-needed light on questions surrounding Africa’s security posture in a continent battling with a diverse set of hostile forces.

With experience working on security-related matters on the continent and academic expertise, we provide straight-forward analysis and commentary to evolving questions on violence and security. Furthermore, as members of the African diaspora (Kenya and Cameroon) we are personally invested in understanding and providing insightful content that we hope you find useful.

The opinions expressed on this platform are ours and do not reflect the views of any organization with which we are affiliated.


  • To provide a platform that connects academics, policymakers, and practitioners on matters related to Political Violence and African security
  • To generate greater understanding on the evolving violence and security landscape across sub-Saharan Africa
  • To debunk and dismantle myths about security in Africa, through insightful analysis
  • To inform, educate and empower/advance the study of African Security and Political Violence for the benefit of scholars, students, and African security practitioners.
  • To give voice to the ideas, thoughts and insights of young scholars and observers living in the continent